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Michael "Mike" Wazowski is a 6 year old Frighton Elementary school student who is visiting Monsters Incorporated, a scaring company, applying to help Monstropolis with energy. While taking this field trip, the class meets Frank McCay, an employee on duty. He gives the students a couple tips about being a scarer, then tells them to watch him enter the human world. However, Frank fails to notice that Mike had sneaked into the room before he closed the door.

At first what Mike saw and heard was Frank roaring, then a girl screaming. Eventually before Mike snuck into the room one of the students had saw him, and reported to his teacher. Frank came out of the room, and then Mike did, and it ended up with the class gasping. Frank figured out what happened, and he scolds Mike. However, Frank perks up, and reassures Mike. After that the teacher scolded him, but he wasn't sad. Then the class left, and many years later Mike is accepted into the prestigious Monsters University.

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